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Ship based feeding barges designed for extreme conditions with a turn-key solution for the modern aquaculture

Completely renovated inside and out, providing a safe and healthy working environment. The feed barges are custom designed to incorporate customer requirements, with principal characteristics

OceanBarges are delivered with a complete feed system pre-installed (FishFeeder) and the software (OceanManager).

The OceanBarges are supplied as a turn-key solution. JT electric identifies a suitable ship; then, in close collaboration with the customer, an individual customised design is produced. The vessel is converted into a feed barge, incorporating all customer requirements and expectations.

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  • Can carry 550 tons of feed or more
  • Large fuel- and watercarriage capacity


  • Withstand harsh weather - designed to operate in eight-meter-high waves
  • Maintain stability even if the feed is unevenly distributed in the silos
  • Several permutations for the siting of selector valves, with emplacement, easily reconfigured to individual site requirements

Working conditions

  • 40-60 meters long berth sides; providing work- and feed boats with good, safe berthing facilities
  • Smooth concrete floors under the silos, with internal surfaces coated using two-pack paint (wear-proof and easily maintained)
  • Safe non-slip surfaces on deck
  • Spacious and accessible, both inside and outside
  • Spacious facilities with shower and laundry room


  • Completely renovated in- and outside, providing a pleasant, safe and healthy working environment
  • Hull steel thickness exceeds current industry standards, ensuring high above average life-expectancy  
  • Grit-blasted hull

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