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Custom made 600 tons feeding barge

Completely renovated inside and out, providing a safe and healthy working environment

Spacious facilities including an engine room workshop, galley, shower room and laundry conveniences. The ship maintains stability even if the feed is unevenly distributed in the silos. The ship has large fuel and water carriage capacities.

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Brian Hansen

Key Account Manager
+298 77 44 50

OceanBarge Facts

  • High capacity (carry 600 tons of feed or more)
  • Well suited for exposed sea (extremely good stability)
  • Very long berth side (enabling feed- and work boats to safely lie alongside)
  • High above average life expectancy due to steel thickness exceeding nowadays industry standards
  • Length: 69,1 m (226 ft)
  • Width: 9,5 m (31 ft)
  • Capacity: 600 tons
  • Silos: 8 (two hatches in each silo)
  • Feeding Lines: 8

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