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Wear-proof marine cable for fish farminstallations

The OceanCable is a wear-proof marine cable used by fish farmers around the world. It is used to supply electrical power to and between farming cages, underwater lights, and other sea-based installations.

The renowned blue cable is produced from high-quality materials and is designed for use in extreme weather conditions. It has a virtually unlimited life expectancy when in an undisturbed installation. Should the cable require replacement, it is normally due to physical damage rather than wear. OceanCable does not require a conduit or tube; it can be installed directly into the sea.

The outer sheath is produced out of highly wear-proof PU (Polyurethane) surrounding the individual conductor insulation. Such construction ensures a very strong cable and protects the copper from wear. The core covering is replaced with insulation – extruded polyolefin compound – that gives it high flexibility. The conductors consist of stranded, flexible copper.

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Conductor: Bare Copper, Flexible, According to EN 60228 class 5
Insulation: EPR type EI 6 according to EN 50363-1
Common core covering: extruded polyolefin compound (only applicable for cables > 6mm²)
Outer sheath: TMPU compound (Polyurethan) according to EN 50363-10-2

About the OceanCable

  • Service temperature: -40 to +90 Celsius
  • Minimum bending radius: 5xD
  • Halogen-free
  • Superior mechanical resistance against abrasion, tearing, pressure and wear
  • Superior chemical resistance against fuels, oil, grease and other compounds
  • Superior resistance against environmental factors such as ozone, UV rays, humidity and water
All cables comply with the EN 50525-2-21 standard.

Designed for extreme weather conditions

With three decades of experience, our products have become high in demand in the aquaculture industry. We believe that simple and durable technology is key to efficient and profitable fish farming. And this clearly resonates with our ever-growing client base that includes fish farmers in the Faroe Islands, Scotland, Norway, Canada, and other countries around the world.

The OceanCable fish farming cables are used in some of the most exposed offshore fish farms in the North Atlantic. They provide a stable power supply in the most extreme weather conditions, as they are some of the most durable and promising marine cables on the market today.

Product Range

OceanCable 3G2.5 mm²

Nominal insulation (mm): 0.9 
Approximate Sheath (mm): 2.4
Outer Ø (mm): 12.7 - 13.2
~ Cable weight (kg/km): 215

OceanCable 5G2.5 mm²

Nominal insulation (mm): 0.9
Approximate Sheath (mm): 2.6
Outer Ø (mm): 15.0 - 16.0
~ Cable weight (kg/km): 325

OceanCable 5G6 mm²

Nominal insulation (mm): 1.0
Approximate Sheath (mm): 3.1
Outer Ø (mm): 19.5 - 21.0
~ Cable weight (kg/km): 385

OceanCable 5G10 mm²

Nominal insulation (mm): 1.2
Approximate Sheath (mm): 4.0
Outer Ø (mm): 26.0 - 28.0
~ Cable weight (kg/km): 1000

OceanCable 5G16 mm²

Nominal insulation (mm): ?
Approximate Sheath (mm): ?
Outer Ø (mm): ? - ?
~ Cable weight (kg/km): ?

OceanCable Ethernet Extreme

Ethernet cable to use in extreme conditions
Thick insulation with Kevlar sheath

Custom cables

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Electronical properties according to EN 50525-2-21

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