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Complete feed system for fish-, smolt- and cleaner fish farming

Our Fishfeeder system is designed to ensure the safe and smooth passage of the feed. The system also reduces pellet breakage and debris to a minimum. We offer a complete feed system as well as upgrades and expansions of existing feed systems.

We deliver a complete mechanical feed system along with our new software, OceanManager. We handle the installation and offer training.

The feed system uses only the best commercially available components. With amixture of high-quality, off-the-shelf items, and those specifically developed and produced by our collaboration partners.

The FishFeeder system has been adapted and greatly influenced by established professional specialist companies with extensive experience of fish farming.

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Key benefits

  • Fully automated feeding system
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Remote operations
  • Easy to use
  • Precision-based – minimize waste
  • Flexible hardware configuration
  • Dual feeding system: lumpfish and salmon
  • 24/7 support

System integration

  • Pellet counting – optimize feeding levels
  • Sensors – monitor oxygen, temperature and salinity levels
  • Camera – visual monitoring
  • Data collection and export
  • Control and maintenance systems

Upgrade your old feed systems

JT Electric offers to upgrade your old software to our new software, OceanManager. The OceanManager is ‘open’ software and can control all feed systems used in the industry. Our software is compatible with and capable of exporting data to other software. It is easy-to-use, with straightforward screen images.

Expansion/development of old feed systems

We offer expansions, refurbishment, and renovation of old feed systems including:

  • Increasing the feed capacity
  • Upgrading old software to our new software, OceanManager
  • Thoroughly inspecting the existing feed system and replacing worn-out components
  • Expanding the number of feed lines of an existing feed system

FishFeeder - the software

FishFeeder is the software controlling the mechanical feed system. It has been developed entirely within the Faroe Islands in response to demand from Faroese fish- and smolt farmers.

FishFeeder is very flexible, easy-to-use software, straightforward, and uncomplicated user interface. It has been developed to use the latest technology and can control all existing feed systems hardware in the market. The software can also host and control several farming sites simultaneously.

It can also export data to other software. Adjustments and adaptations are easily executed.

The FishFeeder is web-based and requires a control cabinet to be installed in conjunction with the software. Our call centre is available to provide guidance and user support.

Products - for feed systems

Our clients are some of the most experienced fish farmers in the world, so our products must live up to their daily needs.
We have developed and produced key components for our feed systems.

Two critical elements developed for our feed systems are the “Auger” and the “Selector”.

Fish are just as quality-conscious as the fish farmers. They prefer to eat intact pellets and avoid those broken and fragmented.
Our products are specially designed to minimize feed wastage by giving the feed a particularly smooth passage through the system. Therefore, reducing to a minimum expensive breakage and dusting.

FishFeeder Auger — The Auger

The auger is made of stainless steel and is maintenance-free. It is custom-designed to give the feed sufficient volume in transit, avoiding pressure compaction. Designed to precisely dose, allowing precise system calibration and ensuring accurate feed weight dosage.

The auger is easily calibrated to the feed system using a computer, tablet or smartphone with the OceanManager software.

FishFeeder Selector — The Selector Valve

As with the auger, our selector valves ensure smooth feed passage. The OceanSelector is both extremely reliable and easy to maintain. Belts and wear plates can easily be replaced on-site if necessary.

The OceanSelector is normally produced with three ports, allowing three feed pipes to be plugged in easily and directly. It is specifically designed to ensure the safety of fish farm site operatives.

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