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Increase profitability and prevent maturation with OceanLight

The OceanLight is a strong, high-quality underwater light for the farming cage. The product is the only one of its kind to be produced in the Faroe Islands.

Under normal circumstances, the fish reaches maturation during early autumn. The maturation causes the fish to lose its value, and the mortality rates to rise. The purpose of our OceanLight is to control the fishes’ perception of the seasons, and thereby postpone maturation, enhance growth and reduce mortality. The lights enable the fish farmer to keep the fish in the cage for an extra farming season before slaughter, without risking the fish losing its value or expiring due to maturation.

OceanLight has been developed and produced to withstand the harshest weather and requires little maintenance. The bulb lasts two seasons, and normally lights are maintained at the same time as bulb replacement.

OceanLights are normally used from the onset of wintertime through to spring/brighter seasons.

The life-expectancy of our OceanLight is 5-7 years.

The first underwater light was sold in 1992. Today, 25 years later, we take great pride in still offering a light that lives up to the high demands of our customers.

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Key Account Manager
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Oceanlite XPV365W ‘eco’ lumen maintenance and rated bulb lifetime

Lumen Maintenance

Number of photoperiodic seasons before bulb change

The most energy efficient fish farming metal halide light in the market with:

  • 20.000 hours bulb life time
  • 80 % lumen maintenance
  • 10% less energy usage
  • 50-80% less bulb change cost


  • Less energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Service-life 4-5 photoperiodic seasons
  • Higher intensity
  • Scientifically tested results
  • Increases growth
  • Reduces maturation
  • Better control with feeding etc.
  • High colour temperature
  • Comfortable electrical start
  • Even and good light spreading

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