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Environmental measuring at sea and onshore!

The need to monitor the environment in and around fish farming sites continues to increase in scope.

OceanSensor is the latest product developed by JT electric, providing the fish farmer with vital and highly reliable environmental measurements.

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The OceanSensor software is used to view logged data of various types of sensors from fish farms. The Software is built on big-data technology and handles vast amounts of data easily.

Key features

  • Can be used as a server for multiple sites
  • User log-in and permission control
  • Can be used to log and monitor multiple sensors. E.g. Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Salinity,pH, Turbidity, Algea, sea current and weather
  • Data export. E.g. CSV files


The OceanSensor Dissolved Oxygen & Temperature from JT electric is a rugged sensor developed for Aquaculture. It can be used with the OceanSensor software or other 3rd party software.

Key features

  • Measures dissolved oxygen and temperature
  • Highly accurate and low maintenance
  • OceanCable Ethernet cable – lengths up to 60 meters. Extreme cable with Kevlar sheath
  • POE powered

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