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The TrawlCamera product group has been developed to fulfil both specific and general customer needs. To put it simply, the products offer an insight into the subsea activities around or inside the trawl, an insight which can save the user both time and money, as well as disclose valuable information about the trawl itself, the catch, or the lack thereof.

Why TrawlCamera? Our cameras extend beyond the limitations of the sensors normally used in trawling. They offer proof of the subsea trawl activities, rather than indications and speculations. They give a solid foundation for real-time decision-making with the LIVE Camera, and troubleshooting with the DeepWater Camera.

To fulfil the needs of those conducting research we have developed the Colour Camera. The footage is recorded in colour, allowing for a more detailed view of the subsea surroundings, the sea bed and the different species frequenting the trawl.

Subsea recordings require light. Therefore, we have chosen to develop a long-lasting, high quality, LED light and LED Light Unit; the light is integrated into the cameras, and the LED Light Unit is offered as an additional product.

We believe wholeheartedly that we make the greatest trawl cameras in the world. Our products are more than just assembled technical components. They are the result of our goal to find the perfect solution for our customers, after spending over a decade on development, testing and re-testing.

Their quality reflects the natural harsh environment in which we operate and test our products: the Faroe Islands. Robust, long-lasting, yet neat and producing images pleasing to the eye.

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Product Range


This product sends static images in real time to the bridge of the vessel

Colour Camera

This product records video in color

Led Light Unit

This product records video in black and white

Deepwater Camera Unit

This product records video using a high sensitivity sensor

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