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Fishing Vessels

One of the major applications for our TrawlCamera products is on board fishing vessels.

We took our time and after years of development, using only the right components and testing TrawlCamera in the harshest of environments, we are ready to provide our professional commercial fishing clients with the best gear for viewing live what’s below inside the trawls.

As sea life preservation concerns grow over time, commercial fishing companies are looking to extend their capabilities in reducing bycatch. Some global researchers claim that bycatch may be close to 40% of the catch thus not only threatening the existence of endangered marine species but also causing huge additional expenses for the commercial fishing companies.

By using TrawlCamera with the ability to view live and record what happens below sea level fishing vessels and their crews optimize their work around the clock while following more efficiently their catch, keep a close eye on the trawls in action and last but not least optimize the catch reducing cost and preserving the environment.

The bottom line, TrawlCamera will allow you to effectively adapt your way of fishing to an ever-changing environment, stick to the targeted catch and cut your expenses on the spot.

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