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Research Institutes

TrawlCamera has been an established tool for underwater surveillance and collecting data for years. Apart from our product’s use in commercial fishing to help reduce bycatch and optimize fishing and in the production of trawls and equipment, research institutes around the world also benefit from our product.

There are many tools out there which help researchers follow the changes in our oceans but probably the best way to observe these changes in marine life below the surface is to see what happens. Statistical data is very important however, detailed complementary imagery and video can answer so many questions about species we thought we were familiar with or new ones we never thought existed. This is what TrawlCamera always provides.

Such visual information collected is of great value to all involved in preserving the diversity and multitude of the species inhabiting 71% of our Earth’s surface.

In what ways can such information be used?

– To learn more about the habits of species living in the water

– To prioritize the preservation of certain species

– To help support fish farming with accurate data

– To create a safer environment for fishing businesses by collecting and making more information available, especially in regions where fishing is a major branch of the economy (China, Japan, Indonesia, Russian Federation etc.)

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